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Arnold Stolting - Stolting Media Group

We got in a while back. Here's our link in case you want to follow. http://pinterest.com/stoltingmedia/


Clyde, thanks for featuring our sites Snapito! and Pinstamatic. We appreciate it!

Clyde Smith

Yeah, Pinstamatic looks interesting. I'm not active on Pinterest but I can see the appeal.

Vic Stathopoulos

I have been testing some the tools in this article and they have been very useful. So far the results from Pinterest are better than Facebook. I am not sure why. Second best is Twitter. The best way I find so far in approaching Pinterest is to add a nice picture, a link to your music and hash tag to say if its song, instrumental , style of music eg rock music, electronic and post as often as you can. Good Luck!

Danny Maloney (@danielpmaloney)

Would love to add PinLeague to this list. Our Audience Engine can help musicians attract new fans, PinMail helps attract existing fans as followers and we offer a free Pinterest analytics and insights dashboard!

Danny Maloney (@danielpmaloney)

And link if you were wondering is: http://pinleague.com

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