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Arnold Stolting - Stolting Media Group

We got in a while back. Here's our link in case you want to follow.


Clyde, thanks for featuring our sites Snapito! and Pinstamatic. We appreciate it!

Clyde Smith

Yeah, Pinstamatic looks interesting. I'm not active on Pinterest but I can see the appeal.

Vic Stathopoulos

I have been testing some the tools in this article and they have been very useful. So far the results from Pinterest are better than Facebook. I am not sure why. Second best is Twitter. The best way I find so far in approaching Pinterest is to add a nice picture, a link to your music and hash tag to say if its song, instrumental , style of music eg rock music, electronic and post as often as you can. Good Luck!

Danny Maloney (@danielpmaloney)

Would love to add PinLeague to this list. Our Audience Engine can help musicians attract new fans, PinMail helps attract existing fans as followers and we offer a free Pinterest analytics and insights dashboard!

Danny Maloney (@danielpmaloney)

And link if you were wondering is:

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