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Maurice Denoble

God bless you. But let's be honest, when you break it down from 2008 to 2011, 4 members, the income stream is not inspiring. I have to ask, do you live a home with your parents or do you all have part time jobs? This is a nice story, but the information is selective, and what about those groups whose format doesn't lend itself to busking? Or opportunities like B. C. Ferries doesn't exist. I also detect some bitterness. Did you ever try to get a major label deal?

Matt Bryant

Well - this isn't our ONLY gig, you know? But adding $20,000 a year that otherwise wouldn't have existed to our revenue stream has made a big difference for us - and made us thousands of fans, as well.

Totally zero bitterness, as well - if you're reading that in, it's unintentional on my part!


I like the way the article's author grabs attention by invoking the "piracy" debate when this is really just a clever example of busking. It's street singing, with a captive audience on a boat. Clever enough, certainly, but "piracy" really has nothing to do with it.


I enjoyed your "concert" on the ferry on Friday April 27. I guess I now feel a little duped by your "oh, we didn't realize anybody was listening" routin, although I did suspect you would need BCF's permission to sell CD's and wondered if perhaps it was a regular thing. Now I know. But I did buy a CD and we've been enjoying it. You're a talented group. Won't mind if your onboard next time I travel.


I'm happy for anyone who can make even SOME kind of revenue from their music, but unfortunately this is not an inspiring story. I don't recall reading how much TIME or bookings you played. That's also a big tip off. I calculate that each member's earned profit is equal to $384 a week. That's also BEFORE taxes. Again, I'm not trying to put down how much you made (because I would be happy making that), but I think the official sign of success is to do what you live while completely supporting yourself from it or more.

Matt Bryant

I see where you're coming from, but really, what we did was ADD $400 a week on average, and how is that not inspiring?

By doing something no-one else is up to we gave ourselves a $400 per week raise. And we DO make a living at it.

This isn't our only source of revenue, it's the icing on the cake. I see what you mean, but generating $80,000 out of thin-air is a pretty darn cool thing to me.


Congrats on finding a niche and working it. There's always room for creative people. All those nay sayers are probably just jealous because they can't come up with anything like this.

Matt Bryant


I don't want to speculate about the nay sayers motivations, but I think it's a great story - glad you enjoyed it.


To say "generating $80k " depletes the value of your and your band's efforts, which I'm sure was worth way more than that value, not to mention your overhead costs.


I forgot to mention the "out of thin air " part.


The big question is: How does BC Ferries feel about your profits on their service? Not as a naysayer, but as someone who has been stopped from selling items on-board.

I think I'd have to side with a few of the commenters opinions; This strategy of busking on the ferry is a really creative idea to have a captive audience. So, kudos. But the problem is that now this is published: What happens when another band comes onto the sailing?


Well said!

steven corn (BFM Digital)

55 trips @ 3 hours roundtrip = 165 hours
$37,600 ÷ 165 = $227/hr ÷ 4 people = $57/hr

That's not a bad hourly wage. And that doesn't factor in the long term gain in fans, exposure, and great stories to tell.

Mojo Bone

I simply didn't care for the misleading title; the article has nothing to do with piracy, other than to take a cheap shot at people who are defending your copyrights.Kudos on finding a niche, and filling it.

James Walsh

Well, look at it this way: If word gets out and most people like the ride from Victoria to Vancouver while being entertained by the group then it's just nice. BC Ferries should PAY THEM a stipend as they generate more Passengers for them in part due to their popularity.I've been on BC Ferries and it's a pleasant ride.FYI: there's ok food and massage chairs.Music will add value to the experience.To my knowledge most Canadians and Americans only ride in summer anyway so it has a limit as it's Seasonal Tourism for the most part.IMO: I think some extra $ is a byproduct of this promotion.

James Walsh

Hey Matt, stop calling it the "High Seas", eh. It's Canadian Waters and American Waters, not Int'l Waters.
Even if you take the ride from Victoria, BC to Anacore, WA it's not the "high seas" - until your outside the 100 mile limit headed for Japan.FYI:Years ago the RCMP patrol boats used to use a "12 mile limit" until the laws changed.In part this was due to Russian fishing boats taking all the fish from the Grand Banks of NFLD. With overfishing there was almost extinction.
Good Music, however, can never become extinct.

DVD replication

It was a well said post.. I like the way you started the post as "Piracy is killing the music business".. It is pretty much true..Thanks for posting..

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