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Why 95% Of All PR Firms Are About To Be Added To My Email Blocked List

image from www.google.comAs regular readers know, Hypebot is about the business of music in all it's forms - music and technology, the rise of a new music industry, direct to fan marketing, d.i.y. and more. We can't feature every music tech startup or great idea that crosses our inbox, but we cover as many as our resources allow. We do NOT write about music. So why then,  is my inbox filled with press releases and pleas from bands asking Hypebot to feature their release or latest video? Sadly, the answer is very simple.

Most public relations firms that charge bands thousands of dollars to "move their careers forward" are too lazy to qualify their lists. The same is true most of the "services" that sell lists of music bloggers.

The same is true for most tech focused pr firms. We want to hear about the music tech startup that they represent, but why am I also on the list for the new client working on tech for doctors?

WARNING TO ALL PR FIRMS: You have 48 hours to clean up your lists, or whatever you send me is headed straight for the junk folder...

Warning to all artists, labels and tech starups: Ask some bloggers BEFORE you write a check.  Some public relations are fabulous representatives of your band or brand.  But some just like hitting the send button...