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Today Is Last Day To Win Video Review Of Your Band's Website From Bandzoogle

Bandzoogle_logo_medSORRY, THE CONTEST IS OVER.


In the age of social media, websites are the most important tool for musicians; the hub of their online strategy. On your website, you can control the experience (no ads, links-out, distractions, etc.), you own your data, and most importantly, you own your .COM address, so your fans will always be able to find you.

Are you a musician with a website? Are you happy with it? Does it look like it was made using Geocities? How would you like a team of experts to look over your site and give you a detailed video review on ways to improve it?

Submit Your Site: 4 Musician Websites Get A Free Video Review

Simply leave your website url in the comments below and we’ll pick 4 websites using a scientifically designed half-randomized system. Chris, Dave and David from Bandzoogle will then review those sites, and in the coming weeks, we’ll feature the 4 video website reviews right here on Hypebot (so you have to be ready for a public critique... we’ll be gentle).

On top of that, 1 of the 4 selected musicians/bands will win 1 year of Bandzoogle Pro service, including custom design help from a member of the Bandzoogle design team (value of $400).

In the meantime, here’s a video site review that Bandzoogle Founder Chris Vinson did for, just to give you an idea of what you can expect if you’re one of the 4 lucky winners: