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Woodstock To Coachella, How Smartphones Have Changed The Concert Experience [INFOGRAPHIC]

image from has changed a lot about how concerts are marketed, ticketed and produced since Woodstock. Recently, the greatest driver of change – particularly from the fan perspective – has been the smartphone. From taking photos to texting friends and song requests, smartphones are changing how concerts are  consumed and remembered. But early glimpses of projects from Live Nation Labs and startups like Dave Kusek's Tastemate show that we're on at the start of a smartphone driven live music revolution. This infographic chronicles the journey so far:

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  1. I wonder if something like polltogo (, which requires no prerequisite app download to participate, could be useful at concerts? Perhaps mobile polls created by the bands to get the audience’s choice, voting via smartphone, to decide on what to play for the final set? Or maybe on-the-fly polls created by the audience themselves and shared by SMS, or findable by geolocation on a site like, or even shared person-to-person via a QR code… What do you think? Any other ideas?

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