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Young Hines: An Insider's View Of Readymade Records First Release

image from artnownashville.comIt's old news that the label system is broken and that traditional pathways to success have changed for almost all musicians. What's replacing it, however, is still very much a work in progress. One unusual approach that shows promise is Readymade, founded by manager Emily White and musician Brendon Benson. They release their first new artist, Young Hines' "Give Me Change", this week.

What Makes Readymade & Young Hines Unique

image from www.google.comInstead of hiring and paying a team, Readymade Records uses the same commission approach that managers and agents have always worked under: you get paid only if the artist makes money.  In what may be a first, White has assembled a team that includes experienced  marketers, radio promoters, publicists and more willing to be paid based solely on the results of their work.

Will the Readymade model work for Young Hines?

We're about to find out together.

Over the coming weeks, we'll be following the progress of Young Hines and his Benson produced debut release. Readymade team members, including agents from Hypebot's sister company Skyline Music who have signed on to book Young Hines' live shows, will be sharing their experiences. Our goal is to offer an unusual behind the scenes look at how a new artist builds a team, an audience and ultimately a career.

Tomorrow we start this ongoing series at it's important beginning, as Young Hines shares the start of his journey

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