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Justin Boland

"The Culting of Brands: When Customers Become True Believers" by Douglas Atkins is a wonderfully blunt treatment of this grey zone. Good stuff.

Account Deleted

This is pretty good. I think I'd make it even more simple:

- Intimacy;
- Develop a shared culture (with a name, symbols, etc);
- Promote this culture and those part of it.

I think the list contains things on a variety of levels, like "giving your fans a name" and "developing shared symbols", which I consider rather sophisticated cultural behaviours... then there are points that are more fleeting and based on the current status quo, such as "loyalty based apps" and "tagging in photos".

The list definitely gets it right, though.

Justin Boland

Well, shared symbol development is done via focus group now, it's kind of a lost art in the information age.


Hi Clyde! Thanks for featuring our article=)

Account Deleted

I disagree. I think internet memes are an excellent example of shared symbols which are given meaning by creation and participation and then become 'universally' understood among younger generations (eg. the 'rage face' and derivatives).

On sites like 9gag, Know Your Meme or 4chan, you can find massive amounts of new kinds of symbols well-understood by those involved in current day youth culture (mostly youth, but also immature researchers like myself ;)).

Clyde Smith

Glad to. I enjoy your blog quite a bit:


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