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Eric Jensen

Great post Kyle! "The person is becoming the portal—the primary hub of connectivity."

Kyle Bylin

Hey Eric - Thank you for reading. We'll have to catch up. Everybody else, feel free to post questions and comments, I'll reply to all of them.

Alex Morales

Very interesting thoughts Kyle; its incredible how technology continues to revolutionize music and how forward thinking fosters it. Great mind at work here! I'll keep the coffee coming on my end...


How do you see privacy concerns fitting into this? That's the geosocial wildcard I think. This vision of the near future can only become normative if privacy issues can be resolved - or if people become acclimated to a less private world.

Brian Hazard

Interesting take Kyle! Personally, I like seeing what my friends are listening to, without the slightest regard for where they live. I suppose to the degree that I follow along, I'm diluting the LA scene. :)

Kyle Bylin

Thanks Alex. Technology and our attitude towards it will continue to shape the landscape. It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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