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Facebook is the GeoCities of social media.


Right behind Yahoo.

Yannick, the GeneralEclectic

It's a scary thought that so many people have voluntarily given their sensitive personal data to "a fad" which might sell them to the highest bidder when the chips are down.

Their services might be a fad, their monitoring of their users' behaviour (and that of their unregistered contacts!) looks like it has more longeivity, sadly.

Jordan Rocha

I will say that I'm not really a fan of being social online, but it is a necessity in todays entertainment industry market. I don't look at Facebook as a threat to my privacy, because it only knows what I tell it which is not an invasion. I like where they have gone with the "Timeline" as it now acts as a scrapbook for good articles that I have read on Hypebot and cool websites like Hypebot that I visit, all organized by date. I rarely read others posts but often refer to "past likes" on my timeline for research and recall. Facebook has recognized this and tailored their interface to work with both the social bumble bees and the pack-rat wall flowers of the internet. For these reasons I believe Facebook will be as much a mainstay on the internet (as we know it) as Google.

Twitter is dead.
Apple has fallen and will fall again.
Microsoft is computers.

Indian Media Company in USA

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Jacob bell

I think facebook is a merely passing fad. The others of the social networks will be made up, spread and got popular. But it won’t be disappear. People don’t turn away from the things that they’ve got used...


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