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Yannick, the GeneralEclectic

In the current era, it is common for lesser known bands to describe their music as "sounds like ... " and they are being marketed that way. Thus, it is completely wrong that bands have a monopoly.

The conglomerate of Ticketmaster, LiveNation and Universal Records, however, is striving to become a monopolist.

And as a music lover, I like it that some artists also offer CDs on their bandcamp pages. If only all of them did that, at least as on-demand CD-Rs with a booklet full of album credits.

How are the rates of Kickstarter and the like for setting up such a fundraising site for an artist? I guess a comparison of the different offers by different providers could turn into a good piece of journalism right here on hypebot. I'm sure each of these providers' offers has got specific advantages for different purposes.

Jordan R

In response to your app idea, Spotify has opened its doors to third party apps. One of which is "Share My Playlist". They have featured artists and bands personal playlist through this app which I love. It allows you to see what their influences are. I would love for them to add personal notes to each song for why they added it or maybe links to articles and websites as well, but that might be getting too close to blog status.


Bandcamp and Kickstarter are the only relevant services for this topic. None of the other three are even relevant in context set forth by your premise

Bandcamp changed how artists sell music online. It's simpler and prettier than Topspin.

Kickstarted changed how projects are funded and involved fans in a process typically left to labels.

Both of those ideas disrupted and changed the music industry.

For the app idea you suggested, it's not completely original it basically takes the idea of Playlist.com (long time curators of celebrity chosen/related music) and made it into an app.

John Murtha

How about FanAxcess.com? It's a place where Bands can put their info (social media stats, sample songs & videos, fan info) and get introduced to Ad Agencies and maybe even sponsored! I like it, easy to sign up and Free.


That is a brilliant idea for an app, you could tune in any time and just listen to their ongoing loop like terrestrial radio.

Thats an amazing idea. I think that will really take off actually!


Albeit young, how about Songza.com? They have curators creating playlists, instead of algorithms. Anyone can join and create their own. Sadly you can't listen to your own playlist as of yet. It's close to the model your describing.

Bruce Houghton

Great additions to the list. Give me enough and we'll do a follow-up: "Readers Share The Apps That Are Changing How The Music Business Operates".

Clyde Smith

What I didn't understand is how these services can be described as apps. It seems like a bit of a stretch.


TuneCore and Topspin are great, but PledgeMusic is questionable.

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