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Alliance Entertainment To Distribute All CD Baby Artists To Record Stores

image from who sell through CD Baby will now have their CD's available for sale to record stores across the U.S., thanks to a pact announced today with Alliance Entertainment. Alliance is the country's largest wholesale distributor of home entertainment audio, video, and software in the United States.

CD Baby’s catalog will now be available for purchase at all online and brick & mortar retail outlets affiliated with Alliance, including many independent and chain record stores and big box retailers. Some one stops serving smaller record stores already buy from  CD Baby.

In the first phase of the partnership, CD Baby has delivered over 5000 of its top-selling titles to Alliance. In the coming months, Alliance will offer CD Baby’s entire music catalog of more than 260k SKUs at any given time. No detials were offered on pricing, returns or the split with the artists.

"The past 10 years has seen an explosion in music discovery options,” said CD Baby president Brian Felsen in a statement. “It’s more important than ever that an artist’s music be made available through every possible channel -  social sharing, download, streaming, direct fulfillment, and physical retail; you just never know how a new fan will first encounter your music, or how they prefer to purchase music. Distribution to the mega retailers was the last piece in the puzzle for CD Baby to ensure our artists’ music is available everywhere.”