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A lot of great points here, especially about how to build and treat a fan base. And while I think everything she's done and is doing is great, I'll be even happier to see someone do it from the ground up, without any help whatsoever from a major (or any label).

Not to take away from the incredible success she's seeing, but in the end this is only "quasi DIY" I guess what I'm trying to say here, is that at one point her kickstarter had a kickstarter...

Jeff MacDougall

I'm getting tired of reading "I just want to see/hear about someone doing it without any ties to an old label" comments. There are literally dozens of success stories of musicians carving out incredible careers that never had a label deal (most of them have been talked about here). Also, I would argue that Amanda's success is in spite of her old label deal, not because of it.

Grace Pageant

I'd say I have to agree with Yeah. She was already noticed and surfing on a wave that was built up initially by a major. Doesn't negate the awesomeness of what she's done, but she is a 'known' artist. So it is a bit different to say someone in their basement doing the same thing, with just as much talent etc. That game ain't fair. Let's be honest.

Ryan Getz

Posted on this awhile back (link here: http://iamtunedup.com/2012/05/03/a-name-to-remember-amanda-palmer/) - the follow up article is great though, I wouldn't have thought of this as a music hack!

Suzanne Lainson

Palmer couldn't have done it without having already put years in the business. She readily admits it. Kickstarter works better when you already have hundreds of thousands of people who know about you. Trying to launch yourself via Kickstarter is hard and has worked mainly for people who are creating a product, like a watch or an iPhone stand, that people really want to buy and which gets publicity on tech blogs.

What is the interesting thing to ponder is if you already have a big following, do you need to go through Kickstarter at all and give them a percentage of the money you have raised? But some of the other online merchandising company actually take a bigger percentage of the money you generate, so Kickstarter might be the cheapest option.


You're kidding right?

Dresden Dolls and her solo on Roadrunner from 2000-2010 had nothing to do with her brand identity and widespread recognition?

Hundreds of thousands in marketing and PR, and she was still able to make a name for herself IN SPITE of it?


I'm not knocking her at all, I think what she's doing is great but get real, this is the "biggest music hack" and that's all fine, but ten years of a label backed career helped get that there.

Are there others who have done it? sure, very few at this capacity without the boost.


The impact of this still has a few more opportunities to develop before it can totally be measured. The main one that comes to mind is physical distribution. Once Amanda Palmer gets the CD, Book or Vinyl in stores does the chances for multi-revenve and cross promotion of the whole amazing project really start to kick in. I know of one distributor that would love to talk about distro as well as the story behind the whole effort as it's one that all of us can buy into and enjoy doing it. #justsayin

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