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Amanda Palmer Raises $591,665 With 23 Days Left, Shatters Kickstarter Music Record

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UPDATE 3: 10,908 backers have helped Amanda Palmer raise $591,665 on Kickstarter with 23 days left to go in her campaign.

Amanda Palmer has used the power of her fanbase to raise $591,665 for a new album, art book and tour on Kickstarter.  That shatters the previous record for music of on the crowd-funding platform of $207,980 for Five Iron Frenzy.  Palmer has also launched a companion funding vehicle called LoanSpark, to enable her more wealth fans to loan her money to be paid back along with "creative interest".

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Palmer's original goal had been $100,000. But with the help of her half million Twitter followers and other fans, she exceeded that in just 7 hours. As of Wednesday morning, 6523 backers had contributed between $1 and $1000 for a total of $360,328.  Premiums offered fans included a download of the new CD ($1), signed art books, a series of limited edition 7 inch vinyl singles and art openings/parties from San Francisco to Berlin.

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Alongside the Kickstarter campaign, Palmer has launched her own The LoanSpark Collective, to involve fans that are able to loan more than the $10,000 Kickstarter donation limit. If it works, Palmer will open the platform to other artists.

Palmer says she'll pay back any money loaned via LoanSpark within 18 months. But instead of adding interest, sshe's offering her artistic output.  "In this case, the "Creative Interest" I'm offering is to perform live and/or make visual art to directly support a charity you're passionate about" says Palmer. "It's my way of saying thank you...and continuing to pass on the good karma." Palmer's LoanSpark loans start at $25,000:

LEVEL ONE: $25,000
I will perform a concert for you: in your home, at a party you're hosting, or an event you create for the occasion. OR, better yet, you can donate me as a performer to the charity of your choice (within reason, I won't play ukulele for the KKK or the NRA...or if I do, prepare for an anarchic subversion). This can happen anywhere in the world, and we can work together to tailor a set of songs on piano and/or ukulele that'll fit the bill.

LEVEL TWO: $50,000
Same as above, PLUS: I will create a painting or other work of art inspired by, and in support of, your favorite charity, to be included in the Art Tour. (a link to more info on the Art Tour can be found, below)

All Loanspark Patrons' names will be included in a list of "OFFICIAL PATRONS (on behalf of Charity X)" in the following:
        • album credits (online, and in physical CDs and vinyl) (includes links to charities)
        • a press release specifically detailing this LOANSPARK campaign in conjunction with Amanda's         new album

All Loanspark Patrons will also receive multiple copies of the album, access to all of my upcoming headlining shows for the next year of touring, and a signed copy of the art book.

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