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Rob Falk

Amen, brother! And the next step is to connect that community of fans with each other. Building one to one relationships with fans is the first step. The real magic starts when you connect individual fans with one another. That's where good fan club management and direct artist participation are crucial. The results are of the indirect nature at first, but undeniable in the long run.

martin atkins

or, tou can give everyone a freebook!


I wrote about the idea of fans as friends back in 2010 based on my readings into the "1000 true fans" idea. http://knifelady.blogspot.co.uk/2010/10/1000-true-friends.html

So there's always something gratifying about seeing posts like this pop up as it seems more and more people are slowly waking up to the idea in your final action point. Fan = friend is really an idea people still need to get into their heads.


It's a decent article, but your attitude towards your fans honestly stinks when you say "We need to think about each of those little Gmail accounts as another person who has a whole other life and is bored and waiting for you to come and add a little color."

How arrogant does that sound?

My fans aren't bored and waiting and I refuse to think like someone with a Messiah complex.

My fans have a lot of things they could be doing besides thinking about me or enjoying my music, so I am truly grateful when they do so.

Justin Boland

Personally, I don't charge my friends money for stuff.

There's a lot to be said for having a good automated infrastructure in place to deal with incoming fans. There's also a great deal more to be said for building, maintaining and segmenting email lists.

Assuming you're into making money off music, of course, otherwise, friends are definitely the only sane way to go.

Chris MacDonald

Nice. It's not about the mechanics, it's about breaking up a rigid way of thinking with a helpful if not complete metaphor. Another way of thinking, it's putting the why in front of the what. This advice applies just as well to any scrappy venture.

Chris Rockett

That's a very important point Rob, I think Seth Godin calls that your "Tribe".

If you've not read it, that's a great book.

- Chris

Chris Rockett

That is a killer article, I highly recommend anyone who reads my thing should also take a look.

I tweeted this to my peeps and linked on Facebook.

Thanks for sharing, I think you're right that this point can't be hammered home enough.

- Chris

P.S I also added your blog to my Google reader and looking forward to more stuff. Let me know if you have something to guest post on my site.

Chris Rockett

Hey P, thanks for your comment and calling me arrogant ;-)

I think maybe the spirit of fun in which this article was written may have been lost in the translation.

If you don't agree with me feel free to ignore every word.

In my defense approaching your fans as if they are board will just put you in the right mindset to entertain them.

You know that I don't really think that everybody in the world is my disciple and I'm the only one who can make them happy, that's not the impression I'm trying to give at all.

But when I create content with the intention of making people smile it just comes out better.

I totally agree with you that it's very cool when somebody takes the time to support your music, I think that's what the whole article is kind of about.

Not sure if any of that makes you think I'm a cool dude now, but looking forward to chatting more with you.

- Chris

Chris Rockett

Hey Justin,

I think you probably recommend things to your friends that they end up buying, and they are more likely to buy because they trust you.

That's really the point of this.

As for segmenting your fans, that's a great idea.

I put my buying fans on a new list and then offer higher end products.

That's just good business because they have put up their hand and shown a little more commitment.

Thanks for you comment.

- Chris

Chris Rockett

Hey Man, I like the idea of the why in front of the what.

How would you apply that to your fanbase?

- Chris

Jedi Smo

Couldn't have said this better myself. I'm a little jealous I didn't write this article first :P


Fair enough, Chris.

I didn't think you were an arrogant guy judging by the rest of your article, but I felt those words were poorly chosen.

I still don't think of my fans as bored, so I'd better entertain them. I think of them as having infinite entertainment options, so I'D BETTER ENTERTAIN THEM.

Two different mindsets with the same result, so we could just be viewing two different sides of the same coin.

I'll leave it at that.

No offence intended with my first post.

Annabel Youens

Brilliant - love this. Fans are not groceries :)

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