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Facebook Apps & Tools: Facebook Camera, Status Ads, File Transfers, Video Chat, Memes

Oovoo-logoThe media frenzy focused on Facebook's IPO has obscured the fact that Facebook has continued to evolve, from ongoing tweaks of the site to experiments with features and services along with a variety of acquisitions. Third parties developers are also staying busy with new apps and services. The results include a variety of creative apps and tools useful for marketing music on Facebook.

We previously looked at Facebook Timeline apps useful for music marketing from or for such companies as Pinterest, Livestream and MailChimp. In addition to apps covered in this post, recent news about Facebook Timeline, new apps and music marketing are included at the end of this post.

Facebook Camera

Facebook recently launched its own mobile photo app and with the acquisition of Instagram and the widespread use of Facebook on mobile devices suggests strong dominance in mobile.

Mobile photo sharing with Facebook Camera. Here's the free iOS app.

Highlight Status Updates

A possibly big development on Facebook has been the experimentation with highlighted posts.

Though one commentaor described it as a "Reckless New Ads Test", I think a lot of people would pay to see their posts highlighted in their friends' feeds. The question is how will their friends respond?

Facebook Filesharing & File Transfers by Pipe

The big news earlier this month was Facebook's plans to offer filesharing through groups. This feature is gradually rolling out.

If what you really need is the ability to transfer files, such as review copies of MP3s, the still-in-beta Pipe looks like just the thing. For a more complex take, see this post.

Video Chat with OoVoo

OoVoo is a free video chart service that now offers 12-way chat apps for iPad and Facebook for a gathering of you and your superfans.

Go to ooVoo Facebook Page and click on ooVoo Video Chat tab for more info on the Facebook version.

Meme Your Friends

Memify Your Friends with MemeKit.

Fun tool for bands to make fun of themselves or let their fans do it for them.


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