Classical Music Embraces Indie Ethos: Fifth House Ensemble & wild Up - hypebot

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Just to clarify, the Fifth House app is only available for the iPad - it's not supported on any other iOS devices.

For more on the trend of anime & graphic novel artwork incorporated into classical music projects, check out Mini Operas,, Nevada Opera,, Vancouver Opera's manga series,, and this review of a recent production in the SF Bay Area:

Clyde Smith

You might get somebody to check with iTunes on the app. It's listed for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

More on the graphic novel/anime trend:!/blogs/operavore/2012/may/03/reanimating-butterfly/

Ryan Getz

Posted a response to this article on the I am tuned UP blog...

Walt Ribeiro

I've arranged over 100 pop songs for orchestra over at my website. I think the natural progression of music is for things to merge. It's been happening for hundreds of years.

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