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Why Most Music Startups Fail - Hypebot Sessions @ NARM [VIDEO]

Kyle_NARMEarlier this month, Hypebot hosted a series of panels during NARM’s Music Biz 2012 in L.A. One, hosted by Kyle Bylin, examined of why most music startups fail and but others succeed.

 Why Most Music Startups Fail

There is no shortage of startups working to transform how we discover, market and monetize music, but most of them will fail. Are licensing issues defeating them, or are these technologists trying to fix problems that most consumers don’t really have?

Moderator: Kyle Bylin (Live Nation Labs)

Panelists: Larry Marcus (Managing Director at Walden Venture Capital), Mike Dougherty (CEO and co-founder of Jelli), Joey Flores (Earbits), Brenden Mulligan (OneSheet)

Video highlights: