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Chris "Seth" Jackson

Ouch. That's scary that someone commenting to blow the whistle will land a blogger in court. I hope Paul wins this case.


Grooveshark won the case today as expected. Digital Music is hiding something and is not being forthright.


Won the case? Deadly wrong. What happened today, was that the judge approved the subpoena, maybe because it's a techinal problem and the judge needs to hear more about it, nothing more. As expected? Are you expecting a win from Grooveshark? You must be one of the stealers from GS


This Paul guy is starting to look like, well, a desperate blogger...how do you not retain IP data? Really?!

GL Grooveshark and thanks for evolving entertainment in the same way YouTube has. I <3, and look forward to, the future...


There's probably dirt on both sides.

DMN's comment about protecting people's first amendment rights is very nice, but it's kind of the go-to defense for keeping something hidden. Grooveshark is one of the slowest and most badly organized of the online playlist services, and it wouldn't surprise me if they were cutting corners in other ways. On the other hand, saying that grooveshark was engaging in legal action technically qualifies as slander if the accusations are untrue or unprovable. If there's proof, it will come out. If that commenter was prepared to say those things and he's regularly engaged in the online music fray, he's probably also prepared for the eventuality that someone will track him down.

Good luck guys.

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