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Kyle Wilson

Admittedly, I only watched the intro video, but I'm not seeing much of a difference between this a PayPal. Maybe just a better interface?

Kevin Rivers

Great story here Bruce. This is a very interesting concept. I can see this becoming a interactive approach to quickly selling content via Facebook & Twitter. It seems easy to sell as well. Great job over there at Gumroad!

Kevin Rivers
CEO, Xeinge Group


25% seems like a lot to take, what do other eCommerce sites take? To be honest this seems like it is just sharing a link which you could already do on Facebook, twitter, websites and so on.


Did they hold a competition to find the least attractive possible name?

I suppose it could be worse - maybe Snotify. Or Spitter. Or Fecebook.


So, I hate to say it, but as streamlined as they're trying to make things, they're just going to deal with a ton more fraud, and it looks like they're already thinking of how to distance themselves from any real responsibility...scroll down to "fraudulent items not covered".


John Doe

I cant see that this is anything else as a simple shop cms?

"Gumroad turns any link - including on Facebook, Twitter, etc - into a dead simple transaction opportunity.": So does every shop cms if done right :)

Reality Checker

I guess I don't really understand the benefits here. What problem does this solve? Artists I work with us nimbit and topspin, Bandcamp or just make their own store and use pay pal. All of these have social integration, provide embedable stores, make it easy to market music, great analytics etc etc. Would love to here from the artists mentioned on how it significantly changes their ability to sell or increase sales.

We don't really need yet another account to update. So I need a better sell than that video to consider using it.

8 million dollars would be better served helping musicians financially support themselves on a tour, where they are growing their fan base, creating day of sales, future sales and a sustainable career. Or better yet, donate it to help feed kids that are going hungry everyday. There are better uses for that 8M... but good for him for convincing people to invest.

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