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Justin Bieber Invested In Spotify, But They’d Rather Not Talk About It

image from Bieber has a net worth of $80 million and counting, according to Forbes; and he and manager Scooter Braun have invested a substantial portion of it in technology.  Bieber's dozen or so tech investments include Tinychat, social ­curation app Stamped, gamer Sojo Studios and… Spot­i­fy.

These deals aren’t the usual equity endorsement deals, according to Forbes. Bieber put $250,000 or more in cash into each of the dozen or so startups in his portfolio. And unilke most celebirty investments, few of the companies he's involved in have ever promoted their ties to the singer. 

In fact,Spotify, "wouldn’t even discuss" Bieber’s involvement with Forbes.

Is Spotify missing an opportunity to reach his millions of fans? Or did EK & Co calculate that there are many millions more that are far less likely to follow the young entertainer's lead?

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  1. Bieber’s people are smarter than Timberlake’s people – that’s for sure…

  2. I think Justin Bieber is much better to do concert and live performances rather than sitting on a chair waiting for clients.

  3. he should invest in spotify. he’s one of only a handful of artists who stand to make any money from it.

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