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Sam Page

I currently use ge.tt for free for all of this and it seems to be working fine.

Jason Spitz

I'm using Dropbox for something very similar to this. A band I work with is playing a weekly residency show this month. I built a simple HTML landing page with the venue info, list of opening bands, ticket links, and an option to download a free MP3 sampler of the opening bands (plus the headliner). The band asked all the openers for a free MP3, which they put into our shared Dropbox folder. I crunched these tracks into one ZIP file in Dropbox and linked to it from the landing page. Now, the openers get some extra marketing boost, the fans get to discover new music, and my client gets more people at their shows. All really simple, and all for free. I especially liked how Dropbox's "collaborative" aspect made this so easy.

Clyde Smith

Cool. Thanks for the excellent example.

Kyle Wilson

That is an awesome idea Jason! I use ge.tt just like Sam and their prices beat Dropbox when it comes time to upgrade. Last time I checked, Wordpress.com doesn't allow you to upload audio files unless you pay for their 5GB storage upgrade. Which is admittedly only $10.

Clyde Smith

My bad, I should have caught the note about audio uploads. Not only that but it looks like they eliminated the 5 GB option:


Doug Clark

if you have Wordpress installed on your own server, you don't need to pay for any addons. Wordpress has a tremendous library of plugins, plus what is built into the core itself, to serve up audio files. this, however, is not an accessible option if you have a free blog on Wordpress.com.

Clyde Smith

"if you have Wordpress installed on your own server, you don't need to pay for any addons."

Cause you're spending it on hosting?

Not to mention other services depending on your skill level.

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