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Tower_bgOffering fans the opportunity to purchase live recordings right after a great show could be a powerful future revenue stream for musicians, and Migratory Music is offering the Ovation Tower as one solution. Their kiosk allows fans to purchase a recording of the show and download it as an MP3 or have a download link sent to their email. DETAILS & VIDEO:

The kiosk approach obviously limits this solution to venues but I've heard of at least one DIY web-based solution for bands that will be in easy reach. No announcements yet but this is a space that is long overdue for attention.

The Ovation Tower

Migratory Music's digital music kiosk Ovation Tower is installed in music venues as the customer-facing solution to delivering recordings of live events immediately after the show. As you can see from the above video, the ability to take credit cards and deliver the goods is what one would desire.

Ovation Tower is powered by services from MediaNet, Abbey Road Live, SeePoint Technology, Aderra Media Technologies and YCD Multimedia.  The kiosks themselves also sell additional digital music and have space for physical advertising.

Migratory Music recently secured venue placements via Nederlander Concerts and with The Roxy Theatre under the Ovation brand.  Pricing is currently for live albums "no more than $20, while other albums are under $15."

Though the process of making such technology or lighter web-based services available is still emerging, this should be an inportant long-term ecommerce option for bands and promoters.

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