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Viddy is much better and will prevail. The 15 second cap on clips is genius.


I have been using Socialcam for the past month to promote my music and I have seen a great reaction from the Socialcam community. I like that there is no time restriction on Socialcam versus Viddy. I am on Viddy as well and I plan on posting more short clips of me singing. Overall though, I definitely prefer Socialcam so far. I've also used Klip as well which also has a time restriction like Viddy.

My Socialcam username is LaZae Music. My Viddy username is LaZae. My username on Klip is LaZae.

Jerad Parker

Well whatever the case may be, mobile videos are making their mark among the users. Mobile video sharing is evolving at a much faster pace which gives the users many choices. Mobile video marketing landscape is also going to change with the evolution of video sharing on mobiles.

Brian the Sociologist

I'm going to attempt to use Tout.com as part of a university study abroad trip to China. As an Android user Viddy is out for me and I can't get Socialcam to work on my phone...

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