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Songtrust Uncovers $2K For D.I.Y. Songwriter

image from matter how diligent you are,  as a d.i.y. artist some things are going to fall through the cracks. Others seem nearly impossible. After all, it's only been a couple of years that many areas of the music industry have even begun to become more d.y.i friendly.  Such was the case for indie songwriter Daniel Snyder. 

Snyder recently won the Songtrust / Indaba Songwriter Development Day opportunity with his original track "Ain't That Beautiful" featuring Beaux Saunders. The prize included flights to NYC, meetings with industry experts - Justin Kalifowitz (Co-Founder, Songtrust), J.J. Rosen (CEO, Indaba Music), Jeremy Yohai (Director of Writer Relations, Downtown Music Publishing) - and time in the Downtown Music Studios with engineer Zach Hancock (Alicia Keys, Mos Def). Snyder also became a Songtrust client.

image from is an ASCAP member, but had never registered songs with Harry Fox for the collection of mechanical royalties. In his first royalty payments as a client, Songtrust collected over $2,000 in unclaimed royalties for Daniel from Harry Fox.

As an independent songwriter without a publishing company - and in some instances a publishing deal - it's not possible to affiliate with Harry Fox for the collection of mechanicals. Songtrust acts as a publishing administrator for independent songwriters, which gives artists like Daniel the ability to register songs with Harry Fox for the first time.