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There Are Things A Band Should Never Do

LiistenlogoGuest post by Tyler Hayes, founder of Liisten.com, an independent music discovery site.

Don't label songs "Demo", "Rough Mix", "Unmastered" or anything in that vein. Even if it is one of those, but you think it sounds good enough to share and you can't wait, don't tell people it's a "demo". Back in the days of actual 4 track tape recorders and tape hiss, a demo was something that wasn't meant to be heard outside the band or for business reasons. Let's keep it that way.

Don't Use MySpace.

Don't make people "Like" your Facebook page before they can listen to a song. Even if it was the point, it would be wrong, but that's not the point. The point is to make people like the page if you have something special, maybe a brand new song or new video, something specific. The reality is that some people will "Like" the page, but probably more people won't. If a band doesn't want me to listen to their music, then I don't.

Don't put up pictures with members not in the band anymore. Also make sure the pictures you do post aren't terrible.

Don't email unless there's a really good reason. The start of a big tour, the release of an album, maybe even when your new video goes up. Don't email 3 different times though to tell me you've been writing music and your music video is in the works. Don't care.

And above all else, don't put out music that you don't truly believe in. Anyone can pick up a guitar or computer, seriously even a computer, and make something that sounds like music. If you're trying to make music your career and the music that you're making isn't your absolute best and isn't something that touches your soul, start looking at an IT job.