Streaming To Add Pandora-Like Online Radio

image from in an article on's flat-lining traffic and overall sophomore slump was a tidbit that won't help Pandora's battered stock price – Turntable is planning its own version of Pandora-style online radio under the code name Kiwi.

"Inspiration struck during a New Zealand vacation – it will be something like Pandora, but with playlists based on the recommendations of the user’s Turntable friends," writes Inc.'s Burt Helm. "This will attract passive listeners interested in hearing friends’ favorites, just not chatting or collecting points in a live Turntable room."

No details yet on when Turntable will launch the new offering

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  1. Just like Spotify, and the rest, this social music scheme presumes that I want to listen to what my friends are listening to. I don’t! Maybe a couple of them, I would. Unless you can choose which friends you want to follow, this is pretty MEH. IMO.
    It sounds much better to have people that know what they are talking about recommend music for me.
    I am recommending this Piano Performance youtube playlist created by an ivory tickling resident at the world famous Pat O’Brien’s in New Orleans.

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