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Megan Lynch

Thanks! Yes, that was helpful. Some issues I was aware of (certain limitations caused those choices) and others I was not. All useful information! Lovely to win Grand Prize, thanks to Bandzoogle & Hypebot!


Congratulations! You deserve it.

Gaylon McMinn

Good Day,
We want to introduce ourselves and let you know we are open to answer any questions you may have about our website. We truly believe that this site is the best opportunity for bands to make the most possible income from music sales. Admittedly, we have found it difficult to get started and we are hoping that you will take the time to read the below and inform your followers accordingly. Thank you in advance for taking the time to review.

MusicQuestLive.com began development a little over 2 years ago with the idea that indie bands do not capture enough profits in their music sales. We want to get away from the historical model and see to it that only the barest of costs are removed form the total sale of music by indie bands.

As far as we are aware, the very best opportunity out there prior to MusicQuestLive.com, charged bands 15% of sales PLUS credit card fees. On top of this, in some cases intellectual property rights can be challenged by various sites and monthly membership fees can be applied. At MusicQuestLive.com, there are NO monthly fees, NO fees to join, in fact, NO fees for anything at all except at the time of a sale and we make no effort at imposing a relationship on the band or absorbing ANY PART of their intellectual properties. We deduct credit card fees and an 8% admin fee which is the bare minimum to operate. There are no other fees, charges, deductions,with the exception of: if a band cashes out prior to accumulating $10.00 in net profits, we impose a $2.00 admin fee for the inconvenience of a small transaction. other than that there are no charges what-so-ever.

We respectfully request that you review our site, MusicQuestLive.com and our terms so you can confirm for yourselves the dedication we have to indie bands and their profit margins. It would be great for us and the bands if you could then mention us in your blogs or comments to bands you represent, and help to guide them to our site.

Contests: We are giving away $25.00 AMEX cards via lucky draw of every band or fan that joins the site. We have already awarded 1, just yesterday evening to the band "Billy Lund and Whiskey Weekend" and will be awarding 3 more, 1 each on Nov 12, Nov 26, and Dec 10. Bands and fans need simply enter for free for a chance to win. Also we are giving $250 to the band that owns the most sold holiday song sold on MusicQuestLive.com, details are on the site, but again, NO FEES TO ENTER, just join, and post the holiday song for sale as the band would for any other music they want to sell. They would need to notify us via PM on the site so we know to track the sales of that particular song.

Again, thanks if you can help in anyway.

Best Regards,
Gaylon McMinn

MS CRM Services

Your work has always been a great source of inspiration for me. I refer you blog to many of my friends as well.

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