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It was great talking to you about this, Clyde.

If anyone has any questions or wants more details, leave a comment or shoot me an email at wes@vinylthief.com.

Ron Grant

This is an awesome and extremely informative article on everything that Wes and Vinyl Thief have put together! So many artists do only short term planning because it's easy to do, but setting up plans for the long term in music seems to be much more taxing and not as sexy, and that's what has to be done much of the time. Kudos to Wes and VT!

Christopher Moon

As Artist Relations for NoiseTrade, I thought I'd chime in here...first off, thanks so much for this case study on Vinyl Thief. We loved working with Grayson on this campaign...and were equally happy with the results they got from it.

I thought I'd note that since we ran this campaign for them, our list has continued to grow...we recently passed the half million mark on our email list (currently at 541,000 and growing weekly).

We do two emailers a week, featuring two primary artists (which go for $600 each) and two secondary features ( which Vinyl thief took part in, running for $400 each).

These features are curated and we're getting great responses from both artists and labels, to the point we're usually booked up 6-8 weeks out.

The results of each campaign vary, but our primary features typically see an even greater response than what Vinyl Thief saw. I also manage Josh Rouse, and we did a campaign for him (a 25 song retrospective, still currently available at www.noisetrade.com/joshrouse) last summer, when the NoiseTrade email list was at approx. 260,000 strong (half of where it is now) and we saw over 10,000 downloads in the first day....and are now at 23,000 currently. We tripled his email list using NoiseTrade, which is one of the reasons I was so game to come aboard as their artist relations man on the ground, to help other artists, new and established, gain similar traction.

If anyone is curious to find out more about NoiseTrade, feel free to hit me up at chris(at)noisetrade(dot)com.


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