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Well, done Robin. I appreciate the lessons learned and the tie-in to the music business. Thanks!


if Taco Bell would serve dishes of high quality (organic) with success I would spend time to listen to Mr. bell's business thoughts. isn't the music industry in the crises because of business models like this?

first: MTV - the change of a business model. only those who can afford a global output at the same time dominate the market.
very expensive distribution model.

second: the end of the mom and pop store - sure it is cheaper to distribute to 10 big chain markets but the mom and pop store knew their customers and distributed a wide variety of styles to their customers.

third: digital - after the CD goldrush - little investment high income - the music industry needed a computer company to arrive in the digital age.

forth: the next big crises for the music industry will be crowdfunding. the monopoly is gone. listeners invest in the career of the artist.

best wolfgang

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Thank you Mr.Bell for your concepts for grabbing the success in music industry.. I'm attracted with the 3rd recipe..

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