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DIY Artists & Bands herein is the lesson~ At the end of the day you're going to need distribution.


So, yeah, you can't put this under DIY anymore.


So, apparently, writing songs all by yourself, seeking band members, arranging the songs with them, recording an album by yourself, touring it by yourself, designing all the editions and extras you want by yourself with your own team of artists, photographers and designers—all of this a process also entirely funded by yourself...

... that's not DIY and you're part of the evil capitalist engines the moment you choose (yourself!) an entity to distribute the results from this work all around the globe.

... How is this even logical?

The Devil

"entirely funded by yourself"?

She funded nothing.


Shut yo mouth. She paid all the artists for the rights to use the images out of her own pocket before the landslide of public funding. I certainly feel funded by her. Helped me pay rent for a few months anyway.

Ophelia Millais

Wonder what Laura Keating has to say about that. I suspect Amanda Palmer's massive batch of pre-orders of products from different suppliers, all needing to go out at once, is a special case, as DIY artists go.


I pretty sure they're referring to being part about being distributed by Alliance Entertainment the largest and most powerful distributor in these here United States. Which is also partly owned by Universal. http://universalmusic.com/corporate/detail/58


No matter what, as part of every DIY project you're hiring out SOME kind of basic services. Is it no longer DIY if you used the giant corporation FedEx to ship your CDs out, instead of bicycling them to each purchaser and handing them out individually? The artist hiring a big efficient distributor to deal with fulfillment and distribution of the album once it's in full release is an utterly necessary part of any scalable DIY project. Of course "she" funded it all herself - the whole point is that she took over the role that labels did, finding sources of upfront money (some of her own as seed, and then a lot of presales) and hiring who she wanted to do all the many pieces of a big release. To say a music project is not DIY as soon as anything isn't personally done by the artist is insane. The 'it' in 'Do It Yourself' in this case is funding and management. That's what she's doing herself instead of allowing herself to be 'hired' by a label to fulfill the 'art' part of their business.


I swear some of you are trolls with probably terrible music and no fans that basically sit here and knit pick everything posted looking for something adverse to say. Get a life. Seriously.

Steve M

I'm in total agreement with Pgraham. DIY doesn't mean do everything yourself. That would be DEY....wouldn't it :)

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