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In the age of American Idol/Glee professional karaoke, Deadmouth must seem creative to young dummies.


Quite satisfying, thanks Clyde. Nice to see some big name button pushers finally getting called out. What`s more, a lot of these EDM guys put all their stage budget into multimedia gimmicks (light, video, and laser shows). It all seems quite automated, but the kids seem satisfied. If I were in the audience I would be happier to see a live drummer pop out on a riser, or see the DJ pull out a guitar for some live-looping into a sing-along.


There are actually a good amount of Electronic/Dance artists that have incredible live shows, where they actually play instruments, and sound comes out of them.

Soulwax, probably my favorite shows how they do what they do live here


The reality is that this costs money, takes time and a bit more skill and you can keep a lot more for yourself by going solo, pushing buttons and wearing masks.



Opinions... opinions, opinions. If the people enjoy the show and their bodies move... SHUT-UP...


you can't really compare SONAR with the rest of the gigs...


you're putting deadmau5 in the same breath as american idol and glee? you clearly have no idea what you're on about mate...


It's one thing to be gifted with the right vocal chords and literally just mimic people who already made it. It takes a whole lot more dedication to spend thousands of hours in the studio building and modifying your instruments from the ground up, mastering and remastering, making sure every sound wave is in tune. Even something as simple as echo and decibels become complex and vital when working with music-making software. I've seen both sides, and I have more appreciation for the work that goes into producing electronic music than simply hitting a note with pre-made instruments (vocal cords or a guitar).


SHM are huge button pushers. They're doing what anyone else doing. If those six hands were going to town on the equipment, the songs they play wouldn't sound completely identical to the poppy anthems they recorded. Also, artists like Flying Lotus are clearly experimental acts which do not come close to falling in line with the likes of Skrillex, Avicii, and Tiesto...the artists which he is calling out. Those guys and the local DJs you see at clubs. I've seen many DJs and every one just had itunes or youtube open lol...

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