D.I.Y. Heroine Amanda Palmer Signs With Indie Label Cooking Vinyl

Amanda soloD.I.Y. success story Amanda Palmer has signed a deal with indie label Cooking Vinyl, the home of The Cult ad Marilyn Manson. According to details shared with Hypebot, the services deal will see the label handling the distribution, project management, marketing and promotional services for her forthcoming album in the the UK and Europe. Palmer’s own 8ft Records will remain in charge of the global release; and she retains all the rights to her new album ‘Theatre is Evil’.

Palmer's team says that she'll also retain the lion’s share of the money along with full artistic control over the campaign. Her management team, Girlie Action, will handle all label functions in the US.

It Takes A Village To Grow A Rock Star

Despite gathering a half million fans on Twitter and raising well over $ million on Kickstarter, Palmer felt she needed to expand her team to take the release campaign global.  "My team looked at tons of options and the folks at Cooking Vinyl seemed like the best allies," Amanda Palmer. "I'm trying really, really hard to find the perfect, organic partnerships now that I'm free from Roadrunner – assembling people who really understand the importance of taking the big picture, the future, the fans' experience and the art itself into account, instead of 'moving units' with blinders on."

"I am proud to welcome Amanda to Cooking Vinyl, as well as being a fantastic artist she is very forward thinking in approach to the business," commented Martin Goldschmidt, Founder and MD of Cooking Vinyl Group. "Our relationship is not a traditional record deal and reflects her ethics."

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  1. The headline here is misleading, as Palmer has signed with the label for distribution purposes in the UK and in Europe only. The headline implies a much larger implication.
    I don’t mean to nitpick but a lot of us see the headline first in a Twitter and/or RSS feed. And this headline made it sound like a bigger story than it actually is. This is important if you want to be taken seriously as a news source.

  2. Similar to the Smashing Pumpkins/EMI deal, no?
    Regardless, it seems DIY has to have a giant asterisk next to it. And it’s not like Palmer did any of this herself. This is the first time I’ve seen her management credited for anything.

  3. Doesn’t this undermine all of the gushing posts you’ve done on her and how labels are obsolete? Wasn’t this the reason for her (unnecessary) Kickstarter campaign?

  4. This deal only makes snese if it is a licensing arrangement that will eventually expire leaving th elong term ownership of the matsters to Palmer. And, the Cookers better be investing a lot of money in the promotion that isn’t charged back to her royalty account. Otherwise she should have continued the DIY format. Hartmann

  5. No one can do it alone. There are too many things that need to be done at the same time. An organized effort is necessary.

  6. i like what she’s doing, and i liked her kickstarter project. it was very innovative. i’m taking an approach to spreading cheap and free music to those who want it but can’t afford it. check out my kickstarter project here:
    music belongs to everyone. being poor shouldn’t be a barrier to enjoying it.

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