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I found hiring a college radio promoter to be beneficial to an overall promo campaign, but only supplementary to all the other pieces that need to be in place (ads, interviews, PR, reviews, P&P, end-caps....etc).


the college radio wouldn't be any more "supplementary" than the PR or the other things you mentioned. it all works together.


Not a bad article, though the comments by Swarmius are inaccurate and immature. Sounds like a band that couldn't get their stuff together to hire the right person and then decided to blame them for it. College radio is by far the cheapest format to promote a new release to, fyi. And btw, you DO take all the risk because it's your record! If you want someone to take that risk with you then you need to be on a record label. That's music biz 101.
The advice to start locally and expand is so-so. One problem is that some bands are playing music that is going to be far more popular outside of their region in the first place. It can be difficult to get an Americana artist traction on radio in the Northeast, for instance, but if you promote the record in the midwest and the south it's a different story. Also, if you're interested in charting you need to promote to all of the stations at once. My two cents.


I'm curious what is the effect of, let's say, charting in the top 5 on CMJ in rock or hip hop on sales, website visits, facebook likes or any other metrics. Anyone has experience?

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