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"Streaming services do nothing to motivate anyone to buy" True, streaming and selling subscriptions is their core business. Streaming is no meant to enhance sales it is mainly there to for those who don't need to own music.

Yannick, the GeneralEclectic

Streaming is great for pre-listening, for checking out an album to see if I like it or not. But I would not pay for that. In the days when record stores went from playing actual CDs to playing 30 second streaming samples of inferior sound quality to you if you wanted to check out an album, I have probably bought less albums because I just did not have the opportunity anymore to do a proper pre-listening session because songs cannot be summarized by just a 30 second excerpt. I guess brick and mortar stores have felt that. But they felt so much they couldn't decide which is which in recent times so they just reduced their repertoire to the major labels' usual suspects which, of course, have been pirated everywhere, and are promoted to an annoying intensity.

Once I listen to a free stream in such a pre-listening session, I usually don't care if there is a purchase link placed on the site. Instead, if I want it, I head to my favourite online retailer and check if they have it.

My girlfriend, when she moved out with her parents and into her own place near university, she did not take her CDs with her. She did not buy a stereo. She listened to the music exclusively via streaming for several years - until I bought a new stereo for myself.
She surprised me by deciding it was a good idea and also bought one for her place. I guess we both got lucky we found that store where they had a few for sale at a good price, which sound good, too. It took me a while to find it, given my budget at the time, also studying at uni. I ran around with a CD-R with songs for acoustic testing purposes in my jacket for about 3 years. Crazy you say? Well, it became an inside joke between me and my girlfriend.

By now, she has gotten back her CDs and bought some albums which were deleted from youtube here in Germany which she liked. In fact, it could be she has bought more CDs this year than I have.

We don't have any iPod or any iWhatever though. Her sister used to have one but it broke and all the music was lost. Did she care about getting back the music. No, she didn't but I guess people's opinions about music change as they leave behind their teenage years.
I don't know if she enjoys streaming, though.

To everybody who believes the success of music streaming has got something to do with people no longer wanting to own anything: You are wrong. People want to own stuff they like, also want to re-sell it when they don't like it anymore. But when they don't like it, they are just not buying.


Couldn't agree more, I wrote an article based on one on CNN titled "young people opt not to own music." http://msadaku.blogspot.com.

I have never been encouraged to buy music by any other means than the fact that I really enjoyed it and I'm a big fan of the artist. I generally buy music that I appreciate, don't think that would ever change.

Streaming helps in discovering artists and music that would not otherwise be discovered by any other means. There's no difference between streaming and the radio...scratch that, there is, I don't have to put up with the crap that the radio plays all the time and I get to listen to the type of music that I enjoy and not be subjected to the limited playlists the radio play repeatedly.

They are the same however. If I don't pay to listen to the radio, I will not pay to listen to internet radio...another lie, I pay for the internet connection. Streaming services inject too many commercials, some how they all profit.

There's need for a better business model, one where everyone profits, especially the artists, no point putting more money into the Labels' pockets...

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