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A lot of noize about nuthin'. Sillerman doesn't have two pennies to rub together.
Live Nation might be serious about this bizness, but Sillerman? Nuthin' to worry about.


It's already happening. Sillerman in vegas for the EDM Biz conference. No one has yet to report that he did this the last time at the Palms casino when we rolled up all the concert promoters. This time however, he has a stiffer challenge. That is live nation. The company he started is now competing for their share to take control.

Moreover, there is another take on this. Who wins and who looses. Those promoters who were in the game but not successful or only marginally successful are already finding themselves increasingly pushed out. The reason for this is Sillerman, Live Nation, and others are pushing for music events to be put into bigger venues. When your someone trying to do something in podunk Ohio this presents a challenge.

In the end those who really stood for community, and really were trying to make a go at something have been pushed out.

I think it is a true travesty within this subculture that people are profiting off of a cultural product. A community created this scene and now a few people at the top are making millions off of it. Yet, these same people employ a large volunteer task force. There is enough money to go around and keep ticket prices low -- this business has and will increasingly become oriented towards who can 'out smart' or 'out exploit' who rather than hard work or good will. The real question is if the EDM community will continue to lie in front of the tracks and defend these modern day robber barons.


please excuse the grammar, punctuation, etc. I thought this system would let me edit my response. We are all intelligent adults so I'm sure you can figure it all out.

Justin Boland

I don't see how this is any different from the drug dealers that EDM concert promotion is currently supporting. These robber barons are at least paying taxes, you know?

Justin Boland

I also love the fact that, after cheerleading for piracy for a decade straight, now the FOMC is concerned about....musicians becoming so successful they're attracting investors. You guys have a very strange sense of priorities over there, but I appreciate the surrealism, makes life fun.


The EDM concert promotion was "inefficient" as a whole...if by that he means people were not making real $$$. Most of the guys who put on EDM shows make little $$$...most have day jobs and do promotion on the side because margins are so thin especially now with the oversaturation in many of the markets. Many of these guys work with Donnie and they all lose big

Only a few guys have been able to return a profit--React, LED, USC, etc.


It seems "efficient" from the outside looking in though. You see all these articles and press about the popularity of dance music how EDC + Electric Zoo always sell out.

If you are a promoter in a primary or secondary market and you're only doing your own independent shows (aka not doing talent buying for other local clubs, doing event marketing for brands, etc) you are scraping by.

Anybody who says otherwise is just not involved in the business. sorry to reign in on your parade

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