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Yawn, so he sells a comedy special for an already established act ,using the old business model first, for $5 on-line. Prince, Saul Williams, NIN, Radiohead, Girl Talk, every little no name band from here to eternity with no label support etc. etc. all did this
way before Louis C.K. did it. This is nothing new, sorry. I am tired of hearing people spew on and on about this. Get over it already. Yeah, you are an established artist, that has talent, has a fan base from the old model, and you retain control of your material and sell it on-line. Yep, we got already, next story please. Yawn. Must be a slow day in internet la la land. Next.


Have to agree with Mark. This is interesting content (2 paragraphs of it anyway) but it's really not a "music industry 'how to'" like the title says.

If you are an established act you are in a totally different ball game. What's next - "U2 teach you how to make money from a tour"?


did you read the article? where it talks about how he is now cutting the ticket companies out of the equation? and how that really hasn't been done before?


I think this is great. Relating his rebellious nature as a comedian to the music biz is new to me. Sure, there have been musicians that followed this model. But if we stop listening to what's happening around us we will miss the nuance, and nuance is the key to the art of business.

Mauricio Bussab

You can only verticalize this way if you are an already established artist. Starting artists cannot afford to reinvent the wheel and program ecommerce and electronic delivery systems in their websites. They need to partner with companies that will do this for them (like iTunes).


Even though I did find the article interesting and inspiring, the fact remains that Louis C.K. is an established act that has had a lot of press and marketing backing him in his endeavors. Yes, we live in a day an age that allows us to keep control of our art and set the price for which we would like to be paid for it, but it still all comes down to reach. If people don't know who you are then none of it matters.

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The Devil

"Radiohead’s groundbreaking 2007 experiment in “pay what you want” music"... I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

There was nothing groundbreaking about it.

Clyde Smith

Of course it was groundbreaking. It took an approach, "pay what you want", that I first encountered around 1990 or earlier in alternative performance settings and brought it to the mainstream.

And just like tattoos and piercings, it suddenly seemed fresh in that larger context.

The Devil

"Louis CK is selling tickets for an entire tour on his website" sort of but not...

He links out to a site called "etix.com" that sells the tickets.


You would prefer him address and lick the envelopes himself?

The point is it's not ticketmaster or any other of their affiliates along with the fact that if they go up for resale above face they get nullified and refunded to the reseller.

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