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I wonder if 80%+ of those apps are Shazam, Spotify, Pandora ... and not much else?

Hypebot Hater

and if you do have an app strategy, you "run the rick" (SERIOUSLY, DO NONE OF YOU KNOW HOW TO SPELLCHECK?) of wasting your goddamn money on something you don't need.

this is based off time spent in-app - think about how long a user uses spotify. it's not for a single track play, it's for a 20 minute drive (or longer) or their workout, or at their office, etc etc etc.

are you a streaming company? then yes, you need an app.

are you a band? all you need to do is mobile-optimize your site. oh, and don't bitch about streaming robbing you.

your "analysis" here has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with what this chart shows.


i. don't. know. what. to. say. This may be a new low for Hypebot. Completely uninformative. I agree with Hypebot Hater 100%. Don't waste your time on an app unless your a streaming service and your livelihood depends on mobile consumption. The majority of bands do not need their own app. Period.

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