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Angel Blasini III

Excellent article! I really needed to read this to re-inspire WHY i'm doing this! I sometimes forget and get discouraged when the money isn't coming in but I can't help but pick myself up and try harder now I need to share my WHY! Thanks Hisham!


Great post! I'd like every new band looking for Kickstarter donations to fund their first recorded work to ask themselves this question and publish their answer(s) in their pitch.


Literally the best thing I've ever read on this site.

You won!


if you don't know why you are doing something then you shouldn't be doing it. nor should you be reading articles like this, you should be finding something that you do love to do, for that is the only real answer to 'why?'.

Beware Records

Absolutely excellent article! A++

Janet Hansen

Happy to hear someone putting this idea out there. Fundamentally, the basic question is this: Why is the music important? If there is a very good reason and the quality of the music matches the reason, then by all means proceed.

rick patterson

Good article!! But let's face it, in this horrible economy, a lot of things that are suppose to happen good end up bad because of CHEATERS in the world!! How can you get paid, when someone else gets the money first? Where's the accountability or who's responsible?Until these questions are answered, very few are goin' to make a decent living off of music! I'll bet the real winners are the ones behind the scenes adding up royalties!


I love the idea of always putting something of yourself into your work. All successful people have that ability.

I read a great article the other day about commitment and tenacity which supports what you are saying here so well but in a slightly different way http://www.audiorokitblog.co.uk/2/post/2012/12/the-engine-of-success.html

I guess the goal is to make your work a passion and then to produce work that expresses who you are inside.

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