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Brian Hazard

Thanks for posting this! Not only did I enjoy reading about the promotion, but more importantly, I learned Paul Buchanan has a solo album out! The Blue Nile is one of my all-time favorites.


very depressing reading


Gary - How is this depressing? Do you think that fairies sprinkle pixie dust to market your favorite records? Perhaps you're unaware, but Paul is releasing this music on his own label. There is no major [or minor] involved. It's his money at stake, so making sure that there's a recoup of output is necessary if you'd like to hear perhaps more Paul Buchanan music later on. I am loving this new album. It's on constant playback - in my head when not on my CD player and in a world with $100+ boxed sets by multimillionaires [Pink Floyd, U2] , I felt the deluxe package here was excellent value for money. I'm grateful to read that intelligent people are helping to make sure that Paul Buchanan is not wasting his time and money. I love the lack of hype and social media firebombing. Believe me, I cannot imagine receiving ghosted tweets from Paul Buchanan in a daily email feed! This campaign has been considered with taste and care. More power to them!

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