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Kerry Sherman

Excellent. One less link to click through. The more integrated Twitter becomes and the more integrated companies become the better.


It doesn't work for me. Is it country-depended?


I tried it as well, and it doesn't work.

Hisham Dahud

Hi Kate,

According to SoundCloud, it's a soft rollout by Twitter. So it's coming.

Thanks for reading!

Hisham Dahud

Hi Gkocis,

According to SoundCloud, it's a soft rollout by Twitter. So it's coming.

Thanks for reading!


It's so good ,I like it.At the same time,I hope share something with others.

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Ok Cool Thanks Hisham


Finally! Some great damn news!

Jia Li

When can we expect this feature available? Thanks


Any news yet on when this will be widely available?
I can't wait to start using this feature!


It seems to be working fine now, although we noticed it pop in and out of our Tweets when we used SoundCloud so were a little confused as to what was causing it to work sometimes but then not other time.

Anyway, it seems to work with the SoundCloud Tweet link, SoundCloud URL and even a shortened SoundCloud URL using the Google URL shortener.

Check out our Tweets here http://twitter.com/beatsuitedotcom

And our Facebook page here: http://goo.gl/tBWn2

Beatsuite.com Music Library


It doesn't work for me :(((

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