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Bob Smith

Makes sense. Would love to know how to get our music on these services.


Great article Kyle. Totally agree with your point that a "music library" is not a mass market concept. But if anyone can make both active and passive listening in the same UI seamless, it's probably Spotify.


As a late alpha and initial beta tester of Slacker I have some observations on how to maximize its custom station feature. I am a blues music lover so I have Sub Genre custom stations (e.g. Texas Acoustic Blues). If you select 12 to 16 artists, you can go to "Fine Tuning" and turn off Slacker's "artist discovery." You can then use the "Thumbs Down" feature to cull songs to end up with a curated (albeit random) playlist. I find Slacker's Standard Radio Stations to be extremely broad (of course) which is not to my taste. I mean only 3 Blues stations (Blues, Modern Blues, and Traditional Blues). Give me a break!!

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