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alex beller

I think EDM has not quite peaked, but its decline is around the corner. It's image IS becoming more and more corporate, and as soon as concertgoers have to buy their rave tickets on ticketmaster, they will begin to lose faith in the integrity of the scene.

playlist pros

The line b/n the underground electronic community and pop foolishness grows even wider now. And sorry, Alex, but those kids don't care where they buy the tickets. Awesome, non-corporate events still exist and always will. Let the sheep go jump up and down in unison while greedy pigs take their money to the bank. Want to know what else is happening in the edm scene? Check the excellent youtube playlist featured at www.PlaylistProfessional.com

And Deadmau5 swimming away from the corporate cruise ship he helped create is as laughable as most of the cheese that spews from his mouth.

alex beller

That's the whole thing, kids DO care where they buy the ticket. I'm a kid, 20 years old at USC, and we ALL care. Want to know why? Because we want to be seen as associating with cool and indie, not corporate and bloated!

A friend of mine posted on FB "Live Nation bought Hard??? WTF."

These were the replies:

"That's sh*tty. I'm not entirely surprised."
"Wow. Get ready for super sh*tty lineups and high ticket prices."

The mental association the youth has with ticketmaster/livenation is one of being ripped off. Whether or not the lineups go downhill will not reverse the loss of integrity that radiated from HARD events previously. It was all about random people coming together and going crazy, far away from parents, politicians, and corporations. And I don't even like electronic music.


Totally agree.... Isn't live nation , ticketmaster , Clear Channel , and Bain capital affiliated? That's what will start to gross people out soon enuff

playlist pros

I'm glad to hear your sentiment. That is what I mean by the underground electronic community and pop foolishness getting further divided, the real vs. the fake if you will. But the big money involved believes it has a product, and with all those flashy lights, DJs like Swedish House Mafia, Afrojack, Chuckie, Paris Hilton, Deadmau5, etc., I am inclined to agree. Real people will find another way to get down (wakarusa, electric forest, burning man, idk, i'm not too aware of the festival scene these days). But there are a ton of superficial/party-going/nicki-manaj-wannabes/band-wagon hoppers to support these corporate EDM festivals.

I was at it in the mid/late 90s when Disco Productions was doing it as well as you could hope, but the scene still had an influx of people that didn't know anything about the music, they just wanted to jump around to the lights and bass. And yes, ticketmaster was used then too. Now it's all happening again, just much bigger this time. I am keeping an interested eye on it. The New York times article (below) was full of evil, and anytime huge dollars are involved there is reason to fear. Greed is a bad thing.

Kudos to Disco and HARD for becoming multi-millionaires. How much did they make if EDC/Insomniac are turning down $60 million? Interesting they claim to "not be interested in booking superstar DJs anymore".

Thanks to Hypebot for keeping us up to date with this. Some links for further browsing, and to Nicki Manaj's ridiculous video for Starships, which should really tell you everything you need to know about what's coming. Peace.





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