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I think its like you said, people are waiting to see just how serious microsoft is. Not only that, have you ever really listened to music through your xbox? It's not very convenient. If this is anything like the Zune, it will just prove that Microsoft can't compete in the music industry.


Well I am a Zune user from 2006...So my interest lies in whether my current setup will continue as normal. I don't have a W8 computer nor a Windows Phone or pad...I listen to music on my home system thru my Zune player.
I don't want that to change....SO I assume the new service will be available on all previous MS operating systems...it better!


Maybe people realize that the inflated number is a symptom of the trends Mark Mulligan describes here, in his analysis of the problems within the longtail: http://musicindustryblog.wordpress.com/2012/05/14/the-long-tail-will-east-itself-covers-and-tributes-make-up-90-of-digital-music-service-catalogues/

People don't want *more stuff,* we want better options!

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