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i have to agree that requiring someone to "like" your page before they hear your music is bass ackwards. how am i supposed to know if i like your music if you won't let me hear it? and what if i don't like it? then i have to unlike you? that's a pain.


Now I'm worried because we purchased likes, but we checked them all out and they're real people. Would that still be considered a lie? I don't understand how it's a lie if someone has to press the "like" button themselves. No one forced them to like us.

eric hebert

I agree with ya Clyde, especially the "Like my page to listen" stuff. Why the hell would I want to do that?

I will say though, while I hate the practice of buying fake fans, it IS a perception thing. People come to your site and see 500 fans, then you're a nobody. People come to your site and see 5,000 fans, THEN you might be able to pull off getting some new REAL fans through the door.

It's an unfortunate reality that everyone does. I for years said "nO!" to the idea of this but recently realized that you have to play games in the silly business to get anywhere, and that's one of 'em.

Julian Weisser

Thanks for the comment, Eric.

You make an interesting observation but do you really want a fan that is so fickle that they will only "like" your band/music if you have X number of "likes" or follows?

The most important fans are arguably the mavens that will "like" your band even when few have heard of you. This kind of fan actually enjoys being an "early adopter" of your music. They want to be ahead of the curve and they will be the ones that do the most to spread your music and get others to give it a chance.



Desolation Sound

I bought some advertising on FB and I tweet. The ads generated some Likes, but mostly, for me, they got a few people to hear our new music. Music is made to hear. I know it's an uphill battle to get people to hear our music. We are in a remote place with small population and accordingly, most of our listeners are thousands of miles away. We have to find an audience somewhere, and that will not happen by accident. So internet marketing is the answer. I agree with the Eric above that its somewhat embarrassing to send people to your band page with 40 likes and 12 listens. But you gotta start somewhere. I am assuming that it will grow on its own if I feed it with good and consistent content. Later on, others will wonder why it took them so long to catch on!

Julian Weisser

Great comment,

I see how someone might feel slightly embarrassed sending people to a page with few likes but they should remember that everyone starts at 0. There's also something to be said about looking at those likes, however few of them there may be, and knowing that each one represents someone that truly cares.



Michael Bennington

if there was a like button here I would have just clicked it Julian.

Michael Bennington

Is buying advertising on Facebook the same as buying likes? I have an architectural design facebook page which I have been actively growing using FB advertising. People only like if they genuinely are interested in the page. Any of those people interact in your page and theres a whole new network potentially exposed to your page and your music. I got a random friend request from Selah Sue this morning and I'v ebeen listening to her music on high rotate all day! I think we should be using network sites to grow our market spread but it should really be about putting the effort in and earning those likes. jsut cos you have 5000 likes if you dont actually engage any of those likes theres not a lot of point.

Julian Weisser

Thank you for the comments Michael,

I'd say this is a whole different debate. Personally, I think ads can be very helpful in getting people to check out your page. You aren't paying for "likes" and instead are paying to get someone to check out what you are doing and then if they like it they can continue following. I think ads need to be done in a way that isn't caustic and as such the wording is critical. Personally, I hardly ever click on the Facebook ads but if I do it is because:

A. The band/product sounds like something I would actually like
B. The ad is phrased in a sincere (not irritating) way

I think when people make ads they need to consider what would make them click and be realistic with that.



Computer Tips

I will like you but where is your facebook fan page?

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