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Good idea but will fail -- as usually -- due to record company greed.


the thing that stands out the most to me about this article is that Joey's describing a system that doesn't sound anything like iTunes. iTunes has the same issues as most Apple products--Steve Jobs doesn't like for you to have control over any part of the process. i find myself using iTunes less and less, especially since Spotify came along. i still can't stand Pandora.


These are all good ideas but as the person stated above me the business model will fail. Curation is something the user can do for free and until a technological model is built that can accomodate the same features it will always fail.

Catherine Hol

Great post Joey, you make so many good points. I think millions of people actually want artists to get a good deal.

Bas Grasmayer (@Spartz)

> "For $10 you get 500 on-demand plays, or 1,000 radio-style plays. 1,000 plays is something like 75 hours of music, which is more than enough for most users."

This is a complicated message for consumers. Just like a plastic disc which you have to put into a slot on your computer that you never use is a complicated message for teenagers.

If it is "more than enough", why limit people?

The reality of the web, and the reality most people are used to, is a reality of abundance. There's tons of places around the web, eg. YouTube or existing streaming platforms, where you can consume as much as you want for a fixed fee (or even free of charge!). I don't see a good reason to bring back artificial scarcity. The costs of letting people stream more are not that high, so I assume your reason for limiting it, is so that the division of the fee per month doesn't get so small that the pay-outs to artists become meaningless... But if that's the case, why not just give people loads of access and figure out more ways in which people can exchange value (money/attention for music/music-related products).

Other than that, there's definitely some good ideas in here, though essentially it's a combination of what various companies are already doing... The exciting part lies in what companies are not (yet) doing.


Ever heard of “WeedShare”?
Look into it, it has some things that would push this beautiful idea over the top!

Johnny Pierre

I like your ideas ...I'm all for bringing the humanity back into music!


well explained nice ideas as well thumbs up

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