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Sean McMannus

Hisham - there is another Agenda Show in Long Beach, CA in August and I'm thinking of attending...

I'm an artist manager who works with several mid-level acts in the singer/songwriter genre (or at least that's where you'd find their music on iTunes - in the Singer/Songwriter section)

Did you feel that all the brands in attendance were more geared/connected to hip-hop?

I'm wondering if it's worth my paying the $200 registration for the opportunity to meet with some of the brands, tell them about my acts, and possibly get some sample swag to give to the artists...

Money's a bit tight so I only want to go if I know it'll be worthwhile...

Please let me know what you think!


Hisham Dahud

Hi Sean,

Not all the bands were geared towards hip-hop, as plenty of the people I spoke with were open to multiple genres of music. It all just depends on if it's a right fit for the brand and if it makes sense from an authenticity standpoint.

Agenda is a good show to attend because of the accessibility you get to all these brands and their reps. Plenty of business cards were exchanged during the event, so it would behoove you to do your research of the showcasing brands to ensure that you're approaching them with something they might consider.

Hope this helps, and thanks very much for reading.


I think the streetwear culture is totally cool! In Denmark there are also a lot that have transfered to it. But actually many of theese persons connect it with traning a lot in gyms.

Max Bailey

I think its cool how streetwear has evolved from hardcore rap groups like NWA sporting snapbacks and baseball jackets into exactly the same style now digged by people like Travis Barker and the boarding community in general, there's some really cool gear here! www.urbansurfer.co.uk

J. Fagen

The two constants in streetwear are the t-shirt and the baseball cap. They come in many different forms and styles - yet remain the essential medium for brand communication. FuBu or Phat Farm (where are they now?) to WESC or Supreme or Liberated China. It's the same basic elements. Rock the Rogue Panda!


This article provides an excellent view on street-wear brands. It's definitely opened my eyes to the symmetry between the musicians and the brands.

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