BandPage Expands To Become Hub For Musician Content On The Web

325px-BandPage_LogoWhen Facebook required brand and band pages to switch over to the Timeline layout earlier this year, many Facebook application providers felt an uncomfortable blow as the new layout resulted in less visibility and usage of their products. Forced to adapt to a changing environment, the leading application for musicians on Facebook, BandPage, announced today that they’ve expanded their reach to the broader Internet with the introduction of BandPage Everywhere, a hub for musicians to update their online properties across the web from one central location. 

Any musician, label, or digital manager will be the first to tell you that managing multiple online properties across several platforms requires a ton of legwork. Just one update, such as a new song or video, could be very time consuming. To remedy this, BandPage’s new BandPage Everywhere product allows musicians to update their content from one place and publish it to all of their other sites online. Digital managers can update everything from the bio, music, photo gallery, tour dates and videos from one central place, keeping content up-to-date across the web.

“When we built BandPage on Facebook, our users asked if they could ‘take it with them’ to their Website and blog,” said CEO and Founder J Sider. “So we created BandPage Extensions so musicians could take any section of their BandPage with them to their existing website or blog. If they want a brand new website, then they can use the Website Extension to create one in a few clicks. The best thing is that once you have BandPage products on your different online properties, you just update it from one place and it updates across the web in real-time.”

Some of the features of the new BandPage Everywhere include:

BandPage Extensions

These are essentially advanced widgets that can be customized to fit into a musician’s existing website or blog. The six types of BandPage Extensions are: 1) A Music Player, 2) Photo Gallery, 3) Show List, 4) Video Gallery, 5) Bio and 6) Email Capture. Musicians can take any of them and use them on their websites or blogs, which can ease the pain of having to keep multiple properties up-to-date at the same time.

Website Extension

BandPage says that they’ve created the Website Extension for musicians that need a free and professional looking website. Musicians just need to add a background image and BandPage automatically populates it with shows, photos, videos, bio and music from the musician’s BandPage.

There are Facebook Open Graph actions tied to each of the BandPage Extensions, so by adding them to their website or blog, musicians are also building in a social layer on top of the content. Also, the Shows Extension is built so that the show nearest in location to your fan will rise to the top and be the first one shown.

While it certainly found great use and value for musicians during the pre-Timeline days of Facebook, the newest product from BandPage represents an important step forward for the San Francisco company, as they are no longer beholden to an unpredictable Facebook to deliver their products and services. BandPage has hopes that their new product will be the first place musicians go to set up their presence online, or if they already have it set up, that they use BandPage Everywhere to keep everything up-to-date from one place.

Live demos of BandPage Everywhere can be seen here (music & tour dates), here (website extension), and here (mailing list, bio & photos).

Check out the video below to get a closer look:

Hisham Dahud is a Senior Analyst for Hypebot.com. Additionally, he is the head of Business Development for Fame House, LLC and an independent musician. Follow him on Twitter: @HishamDahud

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    Facebook’s iPhone app sucks because none of the tabs (Events, etc.) are viewable…

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