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Charlie Gilichibi

While so much has been said about the PROS of crowdfunding, very little has been said about the CONS.

Kevin Sebastian

Despite the hassle, however, isn't it still better than paying out of pocket? As the article calls for, it is perhaps best to focus on re-assessing the ask and the budget.

Clyde Smith

I totally agree. I think crowdfunding's great and I wouldn't be at all surprised if the process causes some musicians to up their business games quicker than they otherwise would.

But I know that feeling of thinking you have it all worked out and then discovering something deflating that seems like it should have been obvious in retrospect.


We completely funded our next release via Pledgemusic and TBH you really should be factoring in all of these residual costs during the initial planning process.

As for CONS related to crowd funding, I don't really think there are any for bands on the lower rungs of the ladder - there were only PROS in our experience.

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