Facebook Adds New Marketing Tools For Pages

image from www.google.comFacebook has upgraded Pages with new tools, including scheduled page posts and unpublished page posts, that should prove useful to anyone – artists, label or professional – marketing music. "All features are available in both Page admin UI and the API," announced company exec Omid Saadati. Details of the new features:

Scheduled Page Posts

Create and schedule page posts to be published at a future time between 10 minutes and 6 months from the time the post is created.

Unpublished Page Posts

Unpublished page posts allow for posts that can be promoted as sponsored Page posts, but they don't show up on the Page's timeline. Such promoted page posts appear only on the right hand side column, and not on the news feed.

Page Admin Permissions

This one's for more sophisitcated users: "Many Page admins use third party tools for Page content creation, moderation, engagement, or ad creation. These use cases require a Page admin to grant permissions for managing the Page to a third party app.

The Page admin can add the admin of the ads platform as a Page admin with Ads Creator permission. Then, the Page's access token that the ads management platform receives, will be granted with only managing ads and reading insights permissions for the page."

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