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Facebook is a double edged sword. It gives a lot of bands the ability to manage a lot of publicity efforts at next to no cost. But it also gives them a massive opportunity to screw up with the type of posts they make, so its all on them to sink or swim. This is the same thing with pretty much any type of company. The reason that so many brands are struggling with converting fans to actual activity and sales is that they don't really get social media. Too many companies are of the mindset that all they really have to do to succeed is set up a Facebook page, throw a few bucks into Facebook ads, maybe use one of the types of companies at http://www.buyfacebookfansreviews.com and that will just automatically catapult them to success. Things don't work out that way online. They have to be able to offer something to people that they value and listen to their customers. This is the best way to achieve long-term success. The additional factor here is that while Facebook offers features to increase engagement, those features are really only designed to increase engagement on Facebook pages themselves. You have to go out and offer people something of value on Facebook to really find a way to get success. It's all about quality content. Bands are in a great position because between pictures, videos, interesting status updates, news about shows, and other types of content, there's a huge opportunity to reach out to an audience. But they have to put some actual effort into the content or its all for naught.


How do you post your own music on Facebook?? That;s the #1 question, i still don;t have an answer. Thanks!


Jamie, Reverbnation has an app on Facebook...if you sign up to Reverbnation and upload your music there, you can set up their app on Facebook so people can hear your songs.


Great advice for independents. Thank you very much for the information. It's just what we've been looking for to share with the Hillbilly Culture community of songwriters. I would like to know any recommendations for selling music on Facebook also. ReverbNation is one, like IJ said, but are there any other outstanding ones?

Clyde Smith

There are lots of options for selling music on Facebook. Keep in mind that if you have an app, you'll need to promote it in your newsfeed. Or find a solution that simply allows you to post a link anywhere and easily sell music. If you're on iTunes or using another ecommerce solution, you can promote that directly.

Here are some relevant posts:





Be sure to check for updated news about any of these companies. This space keeps changing. Also try searches on Google or Hypebot for things like:
selling music on Facebook
music ecommerce

Good luck!

Clyde Smith

VibeDeck's worth a look. Also a lot of the services that provide websites to musicians like ReverbNation and Bandzoogle have ecommerce solutions that usually include Facebook.



Vibedeck's brilliant - easy to use, no charge and no cut (how? no idea,) charge what you like, or free in exchange for email, fb like, tweet. lots of options. highly recommend.

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